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Northcote Festival Reveals Time Schedule

One of the Netherland’s most exciting Hardcore events is only a week away. Northcote Festival confirmed an impressive line-up, including Expire, Survival, Desolated, and many more. Today, the organization revealed the time schedule for the one-day event. Check it out here and make sure to be there on time. Also, get your tickets now via to save 5 euros. See you on March 10th at De Popcentrale in Dordrecht!

Time schedule Northcote 2013:

13.30-13.50 Rott ‘n Damned
14.10-14.30 21 Gun Salute
14.50-15.10 To The Test
15.30-15.50 The Words i Never Said
16.10-16.30 This Routine is Hell
16.50-17.10 Coldburn
17.30-17.50 Get Wise
18.10-18.30 Redemption Denied
18.50-19.10 Broken Teeth
19.30-19.50 Survival
20.10-20.30 All For Nothing
20.50-21.10 Cornered
21.30-21.50 Desolated
22.10- Expire


Northcote FestivalFacebook / Website

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