Review: New Waters – Lions EP


New Waters is a young Finnish group who recently signed to Blood and Ink Records (Ironwill, Blessed By A Broken Heart). After a self-released demo, the quintet unveiled their first real output, entitled Lions EP.

If you’re wondering what to expect from these hardcore kids from northern cold, the answer is simple. Six songs in sixteen minutes, all executed with the rush, haste and determination that youth gives. The band delivers pissed and dirty hardcore punk in vein of Converge, Cursed and Trap Them. New Waters heads straight from the first title ‘Empty Grave’, without questioning.

Fortunately, the bursts are short and avoid total boredom. Although the sound is interesting, it is recognizable. I have the feeling that this EP is split into two parts. The first three tracks are efficient, ‘Man and The World’, but slightly redundant, ‘Wave’. The last three are relentless and undoubtedly the best ones on this EP.

Only half way through the EP, it is where the generally poor or filling tracks begin to appear. However, this is where New Waters strikes hard. The highlight of this EP is undoubtedly ‘Manifest’, the fourth track whose furious and urgent riff topped by galloping drums has nothing to envy to the best productions of the genre. ‘Old Heart, New Heart’ is like its predecessor: a crusher.

Lions EP was released on February 2013 and can be purchased through Blood and Ink Records’ Bandcamp. In the mean time, the band will be touring Northern Europe soon, and you should definitely keep an eye on them.

Track list – Lions EP

1. Empty Grave
2. Man And The World
3. Wave
4. Manifest
5. Old Heart, New Heart
6. The New Beginning

New Waters: Facebook / Twitter / Blood and Ink Records Bandcamp

Written by Alex Tabankia

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