Review: Losin’ It – No Apology

Losin' It No Apology

Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida, Losin’ It is one of the only ‘big’ hardcore acts from the area of perpetual summer nowadays. Over the past ten years, the Florida hardcore scene has been severely lacking. With No Apology, Losin’ It is back to show that it is not all bad down south.

Modern hardcore as a genre keeps being pushed further and further, forced to evolve, in part thanks to the fans. Losin’ It wants nothing to do with that. They are not really interested in reinventing the wheel. Rather, they wanted to make raging, hard-hitting, but most of all fun hardcore.

Setting the tone with album-opener ‘Bitter Taste’, the band shows the listener what they are all about, up-tempo hardcore with lyrics to match. It is a little bit thrash and a little bit punk. It is very reminiscent of bands like Carry On, Morning Again and Floorpunch. ‘Brainwashed Youth’ and ‘Glass Palace’ have the juiciest bass-lines on the album, something which you will not really hear in modern hardcore anymore. Guest vocals finish off ‘Glass Palace’ and make it one of the more interesting songs on the album.

The final third of the album, starting with title track ‘No Apology’ closes things off on a high note. Even though the title-track in itself is nothing new and a tad repetitive at times, it fits well with the rest. ‘Class Dismissed’ is an instrumental track that gives the listener a very sweet solo that opens the way for album-closer ‘Popularity Contest,’ a track that brings the entire album together.

Musically, the album is nothing new and with a length of just over 25 minutes, there is not even room for experimentation. Short but sweet, would be the best way in which to describe this album.

No Apology is out now through Life to Live Records. 

Track listNo Apology

  1. Bitter Taste
  2. Brainwashed Youth
  3. Glass Palace
  4. Out
  5. Differences Aside
  6. Beliefs
  7. Position of Power
  8. No Apology
  9. Class Dismissed
  10. Popularity Contest

Losin’ It: Facebook / Bandcamp / Buy No Apology

Written by Richard Bos

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