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Album of the Month: Dynasty – Beyond Measure


Los Angeles, California’s Dynasty are set to release their new album Beyond Measure on January 22nd. The well-respected, spirit-filled group has upgraded from Strike First Records to Facedown Records since their last release Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance, and are ready to show the world their new effort.

The band came up with an impressive arsenal of guest vocals, already presenting the track ‘Rise To Victory’ featuring Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns and Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant, earlier this month. The song breaths stagedives and sing-a-longs, and left us with nothing but the desire to hear the rest of the album.

Beyond Measure contains twelve tracks, and they balance each other out well. Opening track ‘World Is Born’ is a fully instrumental roller coaster, introducing you to the short track ‘Brick By Brick’. Roger Miret of Agnostic Front takes care of guest vocals on ‘Hard Pressed’. It’s a fast song, including guitar solos and plenty of room for circle pits. Miret’s authentic voice is a good addition to the track, and makes it stand out on the record.

Another track that caught my attention is ‘Undefeated’. The track builds up to a great climax; it starts off slow, goes back to to silence, and then kicks in heavy, building it up to a great mosh part. Also make sure to check out ‘Burn In Me’, a great mix-up of Expire and Cruel Hand.

Martin Stewart of Terror also makes his appearance on this record, on ‘Savage Mind’; another strong track with a lot of sing-a-long potential, that kicks in with some great two-step. Wu Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck has the honor to finish up the record on ‘Get Live’, fueling the band’s energetic Hardcore with great Rap.

Dynasty have upped their level with Beyond Measure, and this is a record that should make it on your shelf. Order the album now via the Facedown Records webstore.

Track list – Beyond Measure

1. Word Is Born (Intro)
2. Brick By Brick
3. Rise To Victory (Feat. Jesse Barnett & Tommy Green)
4. Omni-Death
5. Hard Pressed (Feat. Roger Miret)
6. Beyond Measure
7. Savage Mind (Feat. Martin Stewart)
8. Undefeated
9. Death Solution
10. Burn In Me
11. Explicit Method
12. Get Live (Feat. Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan)

Dynasty: Facebook / Tumblr / Buy Beyond Measure

Written by Tim van Reyswoud

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