Introducing: Channeller


Channeller is a promising, young band from The Netherlands, that have just released their first track ‘K.Y.S’. The new quintet presents a fresh blend of old school hardcore, with some UKHC influences. Check their new song in the player below, and get to know the band through the short interview with singer Jonathan Edwards.

Sell your new track to our readers in one line.

“New, old school hardcore with a dark vibe.”

Can you tell us how and why you formed a band less than a year ago, and what happened between then and now?

“Verdi and I had the idea to start a band about six months ago, wanting to just write some songs and have a good time. Joop is one of our best mates, so that was an easy decision seeing he knew what we wanted to do. After playing with some different people we came by Lorenzo and Jeroen. We sealed a deal with the devil and named ourselves Channeller.”

What’s your main focus for the coming months?

“We just released ‘K.Y.S’ as the first song of our upcoming demo CD. As being a band so shortly we’re just busy playing in on each other and having a good time. As of Febuary we have our first show booked and that’s when we want to be able to release the full demo. And from then on we just want to play and write as much as we can.”

What are your main influences for writing music and lyrics?

“If it makes you want you to move your head, it’s good. We listen to a lot of bands like No Turning Back, Brutality Will Prevail, old Your Demise songs, Gallows, etc. We like a riff that makes you want to look like you’re on an invisible motorcycle. I like to write about things I’ve seen or things that I think would make a cool song.”

Can you share your opinion on the current (local) hardcore scene, and how does Channeller fit in?

“Every show you go to you meet inspiring people that all just want to have a good time, that makes a good scene I guess. Just like everyone else, we’re there for a good time and we hope to bring our brand of hardcore to the table, hoping people catch on to that.”

Channeller: Facebook / Bandcamp

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