Alcoa’s (Defeater) Debut Album Is On Its Way

Bridge Nine have announced they will release Bone & Marrow, the debut album of Alcoa on February 26th 2013. Alcoa is the solo project of Derek Archambault, also known as the frontman of Hardcore band Defeater. According to Bridge Nine, “Bone & Marrow is country-tinged with pop sensibilities; full of songs about life, love and regret.” Archambault already explored his singer-songwriter side on previous Defeater releases, like the Sleepless Nights side of their 2011 record Empty Days & Sleepless Nights.

Check out Bridge Nine’s full statement here, and listen to three demo’s Alcoa recorded earlier this year below:

Alcoa: Facebook / Tumblr / Soundcloud

PS: For all you frontman-gone-Singer-Songwriter-fans out there, Geoff Rickly of Thursday recently released a mixtape.

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