Former Thursday Frontman Releases ‘Mixtape 1’

Geoff Rickly is mostly know for his work with United Nations and Post-Hardcore titans Thursday. But since that last one is on ‘indefinite hiatus’ since November last year, Rickly released some solo material as Mixtape 1.

As stated on his website:

The Mixtape format is meant to be a casual way to try out some new things. There are some brand new songs, along with a cover and a rewrite of one of my oldest favorites. The majority of it was recorded in my apartment in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and the song New Sympathies, in particular, reminds me of those heavy winds and deep waters.

So don’t expect a Thursday 2.0, but Folky songs, experimenting and a very nice Usher cover, all with the same emotion Rickly always shows. Check out and download (pay what you want) Mixtape 1 below, and read the full statement about it here.

Geoff Rickly: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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