Review: On Point – Look Me In The Eyes

Positive and Focused Records takes you back in time with the vinyl release of On Point’s Look Me In The Eyes.  The demo was originally released on tape in 2009, and was re-mastered by Phrank Hernandez (Hectic World) for the 2012 7” release. Even though the Orange County, California foursome broke up, this is definitely a record you have to get familiar with.

Influenced by other early OC bands such as Uniform Change and Insted, On Point writes aggressive and youth crew inspired songs with a unique twist in vocals and lyrics. The straight edge formation claims that their goal was to “write music that gets people stoked on hardcore again”. Due to a lack of exciting punk/hardcore going on, the guys decided to start writing music and playing show, which led to this phenomenal EP.

Look Me In The Eyes isproof of On Point’s commitment to this scene, and their talent to produce some proper hardcore tracks. With self-reflection and personal circumstances being the main inspiration for lyrics, the band sets themselves apart from other youth crew bands: “I’m over trying to impress, others aspirations aren’t my success. Why can’t I, strive for the best?”

The 7” was released in three different colors; 42x white, 103x pink, and 103x purple. Positive and Focused sold out their stock within no-time, so get your hands on this masterpiece via Hardpress Records or Thick Skin Records.

Track list – Look Me In The Eyes

1. Look Me In The Eyes
2. Time Can’t Come Back
3. The Positive Force
4. Break Away
5. You’re Not Alone

On Point: MySpace / Bandcamp

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