Review: Black Shapes – In The Mourning Light

Black Shapes is a new force in the UK Hardcore scene. Bearing members of November Coming Fire and Jairus, the band has already released a EP and single in its 1,5 years of existence. October the 31th saw the birth of the band’s second EP, In The Mourning Light, which is a 11 minute long raging Hardcore Punk storm.

In The Mourning Light starts off with ‘Beyond The Grey’, a song that blends hardcore riffing with stomping grooves and breakdowns, more melodic parts and desperate vocals. This track basically sums up all the things Black Shapes is about.

Tracks like ‘Behind My Dead Eyes’ and ‘Thunderous’ mostly impress because of their lyrical content. Words like “Just the beauty of all the love that i’ve ever felt, and I’ll be sleeping sound as they lower my body down” show the grimness that is present on this EP. The overall vibe is very dark and gloomy anyway, something that is very well reflected in the tongue in chic title.

The EP was recorded by Steve Sears, who also worked with Gallows. This is something that is most present on ‘Rose And Lace’, as singer Gareth Evans sound quite like ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter.

Black Shapes certainly isn’t the most unique and groundbreaking band on the planet, but they put out a solid EP with some nice Hardcore tunes. Only makes you wonder what a full length album and live show would be like.

In The Mourning Light – Track list:

  1. Beyond The Grey
  2. Rose And Lace
  3. Thunderous
  4. Behind My Dead Eyes

In The Mourning Light is available physically as a 7” vinyl on Speedowax Records and digitally on their own Bandcamp as ‘pay what you want’ release.

Black Shapes: Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr

Written by Niels Koster

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