Review: No Turning Back – No Regrets

After spending intensive time in the studio in Berlin, South Holland’s No Turning Back have released their seventh full length album No Regrets. Taking matters in own hands this time around, the band has put out 2011‘s Take Control follow-up record on their own Take Control Records. 11 tracks, clocking just under 18 minutes; get ready for a pure hardcore record.

Anyone who is familiar with No Turning Back’s discography knows that the band doesn’t open up a trick-box with every release. After 15 years, a solid sound has been created, and new (former Noyalty) members Michiel and Nik add well to that. Besides faces, nothing new has been brought to the table, and the refreshed quintet delivered the album people were waiting for. No Regrets will please connoisseurs, and definitely impress potential new fans.

‘Stand & Fight’ introduces you to the first feedback and riffs of No Regrets, representing the familiar 90’s NYHC groove. Vocalist Martijn backs this up with spot-on lyrics, pointing out:“Always kept my word from the first day on / My word is my bond and my bonds are strong / Sorry you broke your knife on my back.” After hearing this first track, you’ll notice that, production-wise, this album sounds a little heavier and darker than its predecessors.

No Turning Back have created a new hardcore anthem by writing ‘Never Understand’. Partly focusing on them as a band being around for a long time, the track themes around keeping the faith and keeping the flame alive. Ricardo’s (For The Glory) distinctive vocals are a great addition to this song. ‘Can’t Keep Me Down’, the first single of No Regrets, connects well with this song as it centers around going against the grain, and walking your own line.

The bottom line is that each track on No Regrets is well-written, and supported by great lyrics. The record has got a great flow, without any dull moments and a nice mix of slower, 2-step focussed parts and fast paced riffs. This is hardcore, how hardcore was once supposed to be. Outspoken frustrations are tackled on this record, and backed by an immense portion of grooving riffs and melodies. No Turning Back keeps the faith alive and well with this new release.

Track list – No Regrets

1. Stand &Fight
2. Your Downfall
3. Never Understand
4. Liar
5. Can’t Keep Me Down
6. Not Like You
7. Bitter Forever
8. Rise Up
9. Envy
10. By My Side
11. Revenge

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Written by Tim van Reyswoud

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