Review: Mindset – Leave No Doubt

Mindset is a 5-piece straight edge hardcore band from Baltimore, US. The band has been active for a while, going through multiple line-up changes and what not. Today they put up the pre-orders for their new record. The guys found their way and have gotten down to a solid formation and with it they bring us Leave No Doubt.

The album is pretty much an authentic hardcore record: Pure, honest, fast and angry. Song structure that makes you think of a very young Have Heart, minus the melodic parts, plus the power and the bite of any New York hardcore band. Rough and tough riffs kill in combination with interesting drum fills with a lot of tom use.

The comparison with Have Heart becomes clear right away at the start of the album. The first track is called ‘Alive Inside’, a fast and chaotic track that opens with feedback and is packed with cool riffs, drum rolls, up tempo parts, a slide and a drop. Straight, honest and in-your-face hardcore is here.

This is the theme of the album, musically wise, combined with lyrics that claim the straight edge and the visions of hardcore. Mindset speak their minds and don’t hold back. Heavy bass and cool drum fills keep the whole thing swinging.

Maybe this album isn’t as daring or unexpected as some people who are into “hardcore” are wanting it to be, but it is damn good and doing what it is supposed to do. These songs will do great live and the words come across with a crazy bang. That is what hardcore is about and this record is all about hardcore.

Mindset’s Leave No Doubt is now up for pre-order, you can order your copy through the React! Records Hellfish store.

Track list – Leave No Doubt:

  1. Alive Inside
  2. Leave No Doubt
  3. Life Force
  4. War
  5. Thrive
  6. Enough
  7. Counterpoint
  8. Shelter
  9. Waste II
  10. One Step Beyond

Mindset: Facebook / Twitter / MySpace

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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