Review: Trash Talk – 119

Last May, Sacramento outfit Trash Talk made a serious move by signing to Odd Future Records, making them the first non hip-hop artists to sign to the label. Does it look curious to you, purist? Sure not, this all makes sense. Everyone who has already witnessed an Odd Future performance, it’s obvious how both crews share this anarchic feel, the angry and chaotic energy on stage, which is kind of rare during a hip hop show. Also connected by the same love for skateboarding, house parties, and good weed, controversial hip hoppers and hardcore punk fellas have been collaborating (Tyler The Creator directed ‘Awake’ and new single ‘F.E.B.N’ video). Naturally, the link created itself. So what does it really change for Trash Talk musical direction? Well, nothing sure yet.

Their furious two records, 2010’s Eyes & Nines and 2011’s Awake EP, showed a certain ability to make Trash Talk’s sound constantly evolve while staying the same straightforward and no-fucks given punk band, as we know them.  119 has many highlights and memorable moments: ‘Exile in Broadway’ is an incendiary track whose drumbeat speed is topped by Garrett Stevenson striking riffs. The new single ‘F.E.B.N’ is also furious and damn efficient. And how not mention ‘Blossom and Burn’, a choking and doomy track where Hodgy Beats and Tyler The Creator teams up with Spielmann to spit their raw flow, making it a suffocating piece on the album. ‘Reasons’andFuck Nostalgia’surely will make the pit go mad.

Backing vocals are great and the combination of Lee and Spencer’s harsh voices on anti-authoritarian lyrics give the whole thing a cavernous tone. 14 tracks for 22 minutes seem to be a good average for a Trash Talk album, with fast songs running around 1 or 2 minutes. The band has again slowed down the tempo and added sludge parts on a few numbers like the destroying closer ‘Dogman’.

What bothers me about this release is a certain lack of evolution and improvement, considering the fact that Trash Talk have always brought something new in every step of their loud and fast discography. This time, the album is entirely self-produced, and an external view of a producer might have prevented the shortfall on this record. However, 119 won’t disappoint currents fans: the band stays faithful to what they are and what they hate.

119 is a direct and explosive yet confusing album. It’s hard to see where the band is going to be in the (odd) future. In a few years, 119 might look like a transition between two eras, but for now, it’s not everything we were expecting, reflecting their talent. Extensive touring have made them show to the whole scene that shows are where they impose their domination. This now needs to be confirmed with one major and accomplished release. Still, Trash Talk destroys.

Track list – 119

1. Eat The Cycle
2. Exile On Broadway
3. My Rules
4. F.E.B.N.
5. Uncivil Disobedience
6. Blossom & Burn
7. Reasons
8. Fuck Nostalgia
9. Apathy
10. Thanks, But No Thanks
11. Bad Habits
12. Swinging To Pieces
13. For The Lesser God
14. Dogman

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Written by Alex Tabankia

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