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EXCLUSIVE: This Routine Is Hell Release New Video For ‘Nostalgia’

Utrecht based hardcore formation This Routine Is Hell have been in the United States to record a new record, and are very excited to share some new tunes with everyone. To give you an impression of the new direction the band has taken, they’ve released a brand new video for ‘Nostalgia’. Read all about their US adventures, the recording of their new album, and future plans after watching the video exclusively here at Legends Arising.

You guys just came back from the United States. Can you tell us a little about all your experiences?

We went to the US to record our second full length with Kurt Ballou at Godcity studios and we did a two week East Coast tour with Direct Effect from Orlando, FL. We stayed about one and a half month over there, of which two weeks were spent in NYC finishing up the last songs, preparing for the tour and exploring the city being very touristy and all that. At the end of our trip, some leftover days were spent in Orlando and finally Boston, where we had the chance to hang out with some really cool people.

What were the definite highlights? 

A shit load of pool parties, vegan BBQ’s, exchanging raunchy band pics with Direct Effect during our way too long trips and meeting a lot of awesome folks from Ohio to Florida. Needless to say, recording our new album with Kurt could definitely be considered a highlight as well. Oh, and Christian [Padron] from Direct Efffect showing everyone how to properly put on a condom. That still haunts me (in a good way).

How was the recording process this time around? Was it much different from previous sessions?

Oh definitely! Contrary to our older material, which has always taken us a lot of time, we’ve written and recorded the entire album in just about three months. Not to say that it was rushed in any way. A lot of preparation took place before we crossed the Atlantic. In the last few weeks, we were rehearsing 9 to 12 hours a day in the weekends, demoing the songs, settling on details, and making damn sure we would nail the songs once we’d hit the studio. The remarkable thing about the short–but intense–time we took for the creative process is that all the tracks really connect and that the record feels as if it’s a carefully constructed whole. We’ve put a lot of effort into arranging the tracks, making sure to thoroughly think about the dynamics and strangely enough, despite being on top of everything in those three months, we could easily zoom out and look at the general feel of it, making adjustments where necessary. We have put more energy in this record than we did in all the material we have ever written before.

Can you tell us a little more about the story behind ‘Nostalgia’? How did the song come about?

‘Nostalgia’ was probably the first song to be written and in a way shows the new direction we’ve taken. The structure of the song is much more coherent, and the music and lyrics are more so closely tied together. The repetitive nature of the main riff symbolizes the drag and monotonous character of being old and looking back. It’s about facing a continuous struggle between what was and what could have been, a hunger for the ease of being young, and realizing that the dust which once got set in motion by your rebellious teen years might have settled when you weren’t paying attention. In that sense, nostalgia burns.

How did this translate into the ideas for this video?

We’ve taken the contrast to the extreme by introducing a seven year old, and an old man reflecting on his past. The kid, naive, unworried and full of life, expresses a certain playfulness to which the old man longs for. It’s a certain explorative tendency that should be kept in everyone’s character when coming of age. The fire resembles a rebellion against the dying of light and verve, which I think needs to be an essential part of living, no matter what age.

What’s coming up in the near future for you guys?

The master record just got in, so we’re getting in touch with labels right now about releasing it. No details yet. But in two weeks, we’re releasing a very limited tape for the song ‘Nostalgia’ at a show in Utrecht with the legendary ManLiftingBanner. After that, we’re planning on doing two short European tours in late January and April and we’re probably going to try and do a massive tour next summer. It just all kind of depends on the label and the release date right now. Also, we have a lot of filmed material from the US and we’re working on getting it all together to create a short film about our trip and the creation of this album.

Any last words? 

Yeah, if you’re in the area, make sure to get to that ManLiftingBanner show the 12th of October. Daggers is playing as well. Shit’s gonna get wacky.

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