Introducing: Being As An Ocean

Please meet Being As An Ocean. If you are into good melodic hardcore – stop looking any further. The band hails from Alpine, California, and have been raising money through a Kickstarter campaign to finance the recordings of their new record. In the mean time they’ve released two great videos, which can be watched below. It has been quite a while since I came across a band that delivers their message in such an emotional way as these guys do. Both the vocals and the instrumental work are impressive, and remind me of bands like Hundredth or Heart In Hand. Although I’m not a theist, the lyrics succeed to hit home. Take a second or two to watch the two videos below and read the lyrics that go with it. It’s worth your time.

Also, make sure to check the hand-printed merch over on their Big Cartel.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this LP. Please, do yourself a favor and pre-order this album. It might just be the record of the year for me. Being As An Ocean’s debut Dear G-d is out on October 23rd via Invogue Records. A review will most likely be up on this site around the same date. Stay tuned!

Being As An Ocean: Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / Pre-order Dear G-d

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