Review: Outright – Dedication

Dedication is Melbourne-based Outright‘s new EP that’s been put out on their own label Reason and Rage Records. The 7″ is available in three different colored vinyls.

The four track EP reaches not far from the 11 minute mark, and is a bombardment of true hardcore. The words “true hardcore” might have become a cliché nowadays, but there are several reasons for calling it so. Deriving inspiration from the 90’s, this record delivers an extraordinary raw hardcore sound; Dedication breathes aggression and frustration.

Under the support of Josh Bainbridge‘s rhythms and beats, Aaron Osborne and Brad Fulton take the lead on guitar, with Brett Eitzen providing a steady foundation on bass. This instrumental formula blends incredibly well with Jelena Goluza‘s vocals, and presents a very powerful entity.

As vocalist Jelena said in a recent interview: “the lyrics across the record try to capture a range of some different personal and political viewpoints. I feel that the personal and political are just as meaningful as each other.” Although these themes seem common in the hardcore scene, the band (or more specifically Jelena) managed to write honest and meaningful songs. Especially ‘Severed Hands’ spoke to me. This song tells how our own fear and personal doubt drags us down. “There’s enough bullshit in life dragging us down. It’s unfair to let ourselves be another weight.” The artwork also shows us a clear political viewpoint. On the sleeve, an older lady passes a Molotov cocktail to the younger generation, which represents the responsibility to continue destroying oppression and injustice.

Destroying oppression and injustice is exactly what this 7″ makes me want to do. Filled with aggressive instrumentals and empowering lyrics, this record would be one of the first things destroyed by evil governments in case of a future ‘1984’.

Track list – Dedication

1. Dedication
2. Severed Hands
3. Only One
4. State of Denial

Outright: Facebook / Bandcamp / Purchase Dedication

Written by Kuba Brys and Laurens Kleine 

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