Review: Great Reversals – To The Ends of The Earth

While you were listening to Defeater again, hoping for some new material, guitarist Jay Maas was busy recording a ton of bands at his own Getaway Studios. Among them are Great Reversals, a young band from Detroit, Michigan, who just released To The Ends of The Earth, a 4 song 10’’ recorded in Boston in summer 2011.

Musically, 90’s influenced hardcore is what you can expect from them. There is lot of basics in their music that made me think of Bane, Verse, Foundation or other more melodic bands such as Xerxes. Yeah, you’ve heard this before for sure. Being part of an oversaturated scene is hard but some bands sometimes manage to add a little spark to the whole thing.

The band showcases on 4 songs only, a wide range of elements that goes from melodic riffs in the background to more explosive elements. Vocalist tones are distant but intense. What Great Reverals achieved on 4 songs is an ability to mix roughness and melody with a fresh work regarding the guitar sound and rhythm patterns

More than music, lyrics are what distinguish Great Reversals from the rest of their peers. Centred on drummer Eric Scobie‘s daily struggle to raise his deaf and autistic son, songs are the reflections of angst, despair but also hope and perseverance. Even hardcore lyrics are generally about personal struggle or life pressure, friends or family, this time it’s quiet particular. You can really feel the band is really trying to musically communicate with powerful and raw emotions.

To The Ends of The Earth is now available for free through Great Reversals own bandcamp and available on CD as well with extra tracks and an Unbroken cover. Be sure to check it out.

Track list – To The Ends of The Earth

1. Open Wounds
2. No Compass
3. Carrying the Fire
4. In Hiding

Great Reverals: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Alex Tabankia

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