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Presents: Striking Justice 7″ Release Show (+ interview)

Striking Justice from Hengelo, The Netherlands describe their tunes as “powerful hardcore with a rock ‘n’ roll groove”. The guys are on the verge of release their brand new 7″ De Verharding, and we’re proud to present their release show to you. To get you a little informed on their brand new release, we spoke with the guys on their East European tour, the choice of putting out a Dutch titled record, and the story behind this release.

We’re giving away 2×2 tickets for this show, so head over to our Facebook-page to WIN! 

You guys just came back from your tour through Eastern Europe to promote this album, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Russia and Ukraine was amazing. When we first started this band we’d never imagined going to places like that. Since none of us had ever been there, we didn’t know what to expect, but it was one of the biggest adventures we went on as band. We were censored by the government, interrogated by secret service and immigration patrol, our tires were stabbed, we bribed several cops and Joost got bitten by a dude in his calf and we played some of the wildest shows ever. Weird stuff but mostly in a good way though.

In general we love Eastern Europe, but not too many bands tour there and the people appreciate every band that plays, including supports. That’s something we maybe lack in Western Europe, but then again we’re spoiled with amazing touring packages with bands from all over the world.

We heard the album and it has an interesting storyline to it, can you explain what it is that this record is about?

We wrote the songs to one theme and are more conceptual. The EP contains six tracks that deal with crisis, individualization, immigration and the current state society is in. Musically we took a step away from the 2011 full length album Building by incorporating melodies and emotions in the new songs. Lyrically less hate pointed at others, more reflecting at our own lives. I think it has do with growing up or even being afraid of going to that next stage of life. ‘Baby Boomers’ is a perfect example for that. Afraid of being happy in a duplex house, cruising around on e-bikes in unisex Tenson jacket’s and summers in France with a hard-earned ‘Kip’ caravan living happily ever after.

Can you name 5 bands that have influenced you to make this record?

Go It Alone, Make Do And Mend, Basement, Gallows, and Another Breath.

The title of the album is in Dutch, but your music has already crossed so many borders, haven’t people been asking what the meaning behind it is?

We had a lot of questions about the title but it’s fun to explain. We chose this title because it fits so well with the concept, plus it’s written to the Dutch situation. Finally, this word in the Dutch language has a lot stronger sound and meaning than it does in English. Otherwise it would probably have been “Brutalist”, like the style of architecture.

Why should people listen to your new record?

It’s dynamic. It has some fast songs, groovy mid-tempo parts and some emotional peaks. So I think it’s a good record for both oldschool- and modern hardcore lovers. Finally it’s mixed & mastered by Jay Maas (Have Heart, Defeater, Ceremony) so the quality is great as well.

Besides touring and playing shows, what does your normal day life look like?

I’m a freelance designer so I spend most of my day behind the computer checking Facebook updates.

Would you say hardcore music is your true passion? What does it mean to you?

Music in general is a passion of mine as I listen to a lot more than just hardcore. But hardcore is a bit more special. Especially when you leave your comfort zone traveling around the world you meet people you just spoke 5 minutes to and it feels like you’ve known them your whole life. Good example is 2 years ago when we were in the US. We had a cancelled tour and a lot of people helped us out booking shows, and let us hop-on theirs. We met Xibalba at one of them, we hung out and talked about our situation and if they knew any shows we could play. A day later we received a call if we wanted to play Sound & Fury…

Can you tell us where this music has brought you guys already and where you would still want to go to?

We had a lot of fun tours and saw places we otherwise probably never went to. If you travel you get to see the tourist side, but when you’re on tour you meet a lot of locals and get to hang out at their houses. It’s a way more personal manner to get to know a different country and culture. I’d love to tour some more and see where it takes us. After our Russian adventure I’d love to do a full Russia tour including Siberia and maybe even Kazakhstan.

What was the coolest place you have been to on tour?

Dimitrovgrad, Russia. It was a floorshow in a school. It felt like I was dropped in a Minor Threat video from the 80’s. Stagedives, pile-ons, circle pits; one of the wildest shows we ever played for sure.

Striking Justice: Facebook / Website / Myspace

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