Review: Goodtime Boys – What’s Left To Let Go

British hardcore-punk act Goodtime Boys will be releasing their second EP What’s Left To Let Go, their debut on Bridge Nine Records, on October 22nd. The EP features five tracks off of their previous release Are We Now or Have We Ever Been, remastered by Jay Maas (Cruel Hand, Defeater) and five brand new tracks that were recorded earlier this summer.

‘Bloom,’ the album opener starts off slow, with a very down-tempo instrumental, but quickly transitions into the band’s recognizable sound. Just past the one-minute mark, vocalist Alexander Pennie busts through the door and the listener immediately knows what he is up for. This is classic Goodtime Boys.

The first five tracks on this release are all new songs, most of which have been tried and tested on tour.

‘Breathe’ offers a break of sorts and is a very down-tempo track, but it is filled with rage. Pennie’s vocals are vicious on this song as he sings about time going by and people fading into nothingness. Even though it is different than what we are used to from this band, it is the standout track on this release.

Closing off the first part of the EP is ‘Rest,’ a song that sounds like a culmination of the previous four with regards to instrumentals, lyrics and vocals. The song is haunting, mainly due to the guitar-work of Samuel Phipps and Kai Woolen-Lewis. Clocking in at close to six minutes, this is the longest track on the release, leading to it sounding monotonous at times.

By remastering the songs from their first EP, this is a proper full-length release, even though there is a clear distinction between the two different parts. As soon as ‘Wake’ finishes, which was the twenty-second intro for the first EP and ‘Daylight’ kicks in, it is clear how much the band has grown since their previous release.

These five tracks are a lot faster, but also messier and more chaotic, which is all the more apparent in ‘Sleep,’ the final track on this release.

Instead of recycling their previous EP for the second part of this release, some more time in the studio to record a full-length album would have been better. The difference between what was and is now is just too big.

Track list – What’s Left To Let Go

1. Bloom
2. Callous
3. Breathe
4. Reunion
5. Rest
6. Wake
7. Daylight
8. Harrow
9. Bliss
10. Sleep

Goodtime Boys: Facebook / Bandcamp / Tumblr / Pre-order

Written by Richard Bos

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