Review: The Chariot – One Wing

Ever since a friend of mine showed me the ‘The Chariot live in Perth’ video on YouTube, the band has caught my interest. Their eclectic style of music, and intriguing live performances are like none I had heard before, and made me long for more. When I heard about the new album I immediately wanted to hear it, mostly because the band stated this was their “weirdest” album to date.

And weird it is… First thing that surprised me about One Wing is the track listing. The titles of the songs make two sentences: “Forget Not Your First Love” and “Speak In Tongues And Cheek”. This must be the first message of the album. Starting with ‘Forget’, fans immediately get what they expect from The Chariot: fast, banging guitars accompanied by Josh Scogin’s chaotic, harsh vocals. Nothing weird so far, but as the album continues we come across the second track ‘Not’, which features two different types of singing than we’re used to. The first type is a sort of comic monster voice, and the second one stands out most: Scogin actually uses his vocal chords to sing, and combines this with spoken word.

The Chariot has used women’s voices before, yet only for intro or outro parts. ‘Your’ is an interlude featuring the sole voice of a woman, backed up by an organ. The song give you time to breath, before ‘First’ give you the usual kick-in-the-stomach feel. Half-way through, this song evolves into a instrumental track that could be the soundtrack of the movie “The Good The Bad and The Ugly”. This song has western written all over it.

One Wing is the band’s fifth studio album, and is released through Good Fight Entertainment, and Season of Mist. The album was recorded in just three weeks. According to Scogin this is the ideal amount of time to record an album because if you get too much time, we start overthinking stuff and things don’t feel as natural or as impulsive as we’d like. But obviously, with too short of time there’s a chance you’ll start to agree to anything.”

Highlight of the album is surely the song ‘Speak’. The song builds up with simple piano chords, while Scogin spills his heart out. This works so incredibly well. Each song on One Wing contains something special, and it’s up to you to discover them all. True fans get what they want from The Chariot: fast and chaotic songs, surprising elements, and just pure energy. But this album goes much further than just that. It has twists and turns, slow songs and fast songs, long tracks and short tracks. Expect the unexpected.

Track list – One Wing

1. Forget
2. Not
3. Your
4. First
5. Love.
6. Speak (Feat. Travis Sadler)
7. In
8. Tongues
9. And
10. Cheek.

The Chariot: Facebook / Twitter / Order One Wing

Written by Gijs Duijzer

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