Review: My Fictions – Always Trapped

My Fictions hails from Lowell, Massachusetts, and just released a 3-track EP through Top Shelf Records. Always Trapped falls in line after the likes of Converge, Trap Them, and Pianos Become The Teeth. Falling in line isn’t bad, in this case…

The four piece have delivered three heavy and intense tracks that are worth anyone’s listening ear. Scoring a little under 10 minutes with this release, My Fiction wanted “to focus on doing more frequent smaller releases (demo/split with Aviator/10″/7′) just to create a little momentum before we took the time to put out an LP”, drummer Seamus Menihane explains. Knowing Seth Decoteau and Kevin Duquette at Top Shelf Records was a huge advantage for the guys, as they were interested in putting out the EP after “we showed them the three songs we wanted to put out once we were finished recording them last winter”. The release date for August 14th was set in stone shortly after.

After some short feedback, first track ‘A Recurring Dream’ suddenly kicks in. The fast paced riff is as heavy, as it is melodic, while emotional screams and hard hitting drums try to keep up. The longest song of this EP breaks itself down in the middle, building up again to the end. But just when you think hell is about to break loose, it’s all over. Seamus illustrates: “Just the fact that this is what we all really love to do inspires us to keep going with it. Being able to create, and perform music to people who are genuinely interested is pretty rewarding so that’s a big part of what inspires me personally. We never have a set plan or sound we’re trying to achieve going into the writing process. I think it’s just a natural reflection of where our band is at musically at that point in time. I think the overall sound of this EP is faster and more chaotic sounding than previous releases so that might have been a reflection of the music some of us were listening to at the time.

With ‘Coffin Rehearsal’, My Fictions comes closest to a Converge-a-like sound. The track begins with a slow, almost sludgy intro with melodic double guitar work, while ending with a full minute of organised chaos. It’s probably my favourite song on the record. ‘Always Trapped’, however, breathes screamo, and is both chaotic and noisy. While beginning very fast, title song ‘Always Trapped’ ends in pure mid-tempo bliss. It also shows us how angsty their screaming can be. A nice ending to a short yet satisfying EP.

The three monster tracks were completely self-produced, Seamus tells us: “The all-around recording process of ‘Always Trapped’ was great. We recorded with our guitar player, Tyler [Bradley] at his studio in Chelmsford, Massachusetts last february. Everything this band has released so far has been recorded with Tyler at his studio so it’s definitely a process we’ve all grown accustom to. Being able to self record is really awesome because it allows us to go into the whole process pretty relaxed which we all like.” My Fictions are living by the D.I.Y. spirit, and are proving that this shouldn’t hold you back from producing quality records.

My Fictions have a powerful release under their belt, and are ready to tour intensively. “Hopefully we hit Europe late 2012/early 2013”, Seamus adds. We’d especially be looking forward to a full length record that should be written during their time on the road, to keep their momentum. “An LP sometime in early to mid 2013” might be possible says Seamus, but it’s not definite yet.

Always Trapped can be purchased through the Top Shelf Records web store. Support independent musicians and labels, so they’ll be able to finance their expensive tours to Europe, and the pressings of future records.

Track list – Always Trapped

1. A Recurring Dream
2. Coffin Rehearsal
3. Always Trapped

My Fictions: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Always Trapped

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