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Parkway Drive Reveal Album Details and Release New Video for ‘Dark Days’

Aussie metalcore giants in Parkway Drive have revealed that their new album Atlas will be released through Epitaph Records on October 29th. The deluxe package includes the “Home Is For The Heartless” DVD, which is a must-have for anyone that wants to enjoy nice scenery and sweaty shows on their screens. Atlas can now be pre-ordered here.

The band also released a brand new video for ‘Dark Days’. Check it out below, and let us know what you think.

Track List – Atlas

  1. Sparks – 2:18
  2. Old Ghost / New Regrets – 2:50
  3. Dream Run – 4:09
  4. Wild Eyes – 4:19
  5. Dark Days – 4:05
  6. The River – 5:27
  7. Swing – 3:32
  8. The Slow Surrender – 4:14
  9. Atlas – 4:09
  10. Sleight of Hand – 4:27
  11. Snake Oil and Holy Water- 2:49
  12. Blue and the Grey – 5:47

Parkway Drive: Facebook / Website / Order Atlas

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