Gallows – S/T

I always have been a great fan of both Alexisonfire and Gallows. It was a sad day when Alexisonfire announced that they were breaking up, and likewise when Gallows’ Frank Carter released a statement on Twitter that he “and the rest of the boys have different ideas regarding the sound of Gallows”. After his departure from the band, Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire replaced him as the lead singer. My interest was aroused.

We have had a brief preview of Gallows’ new sound in the past with the ‘True Colours’ single, which I loved, and the Death is Birth EP. At first I was kind of skeptical, but I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised and anxious to hear more after giving it a couple more listens. I got even more curious when ‘Last June’ was released as a free downloadable single, about two months ago.

And today was the day. Gallows unleased Gallows. Holy shit. It would go too far to discuss every track, but here are some of my favorites:

‘Vapid Adolescent Blues’ explodes in your face. The instrumental work carrying Wade’s words is how we like it: fast and hard. The chorus provides both a moment of rest and a perfect opportunity for massive sing-alongs at shows. Next up is ‘Austere’. This is the new Gallows. Nothing matters but the relentless speed and  aggression. Track 10, ‘Cult of Mary’, breathes Alexisonfire. Mary is an aggressive, fast and melodic lady with another sing-along chorus and I am sure that she will be a room trasher. The creepy child’s voice is pretty great in it as well and really adds to the atmosphere of the song. The final song of the record is ‘Cross of Lorraine’. It will go down in hardcore-history as “that ultimately epic Gallows song with banging riffs that will make you pull your lighting off the ceiling”. It’s a legit closer.

It surely is a recommendation to acquire this album for yourself, even if you weren’t a fan of the ‘old’ Gallows or AOF. You will love this record. And yes, I personally like it better than Grey Britain. Shoot me. Gallows is available through their webstore, or via Bridge9 Records on September 18th.

Track list – Gallows

1. Victim Culture
2. Everybody Loves You (When You’re Dead)
3. Last June
4. Outsider Art
5. Vapid Adolescent Blues
6. Austere
7. Depravers
8. Odessa
9. Nations – Never Enough
10. Cult of Mary
11. Cross of Lorraine

Gallows: Facebook / Twitter / Order Gallows

Written by Laurens Kleine

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