Review: Young Turks – Where I Lie

Young Turks are a band of five, hailing from Portland, Oregon, US and set to shock the hardcore scene awake and break the monotony of today’s bands. The band’s latest album is called Where I Lie, an album that had people wondering for a little while. It was going to be something great, something unexpected.

The album opens quietly with a mysterious, yet bright intro track that builds up to an energetic burst. This is what the band has been working up to. Ten songs, the intro and an interlude make this a 12 track release worth checking out.

The first real track of the album is called ‘Knife Club’ a fast and chaotic song full of anger. Together with ‘Correspondence’ this is one of the two tracks that have been released earlier as singles. It opens rough, dies out and builds up yet again only to show the real potential that this band has. It shows a very emotional load on behalf of the lyrics and vocal performance. Convincing, banging and raw, this is the true hardcore sound of Young Turks.

Other cool songs on this album are ‘Northwest Darkness’ and ‘Three Goggles’, with an aggressive and chaotic blur as a theme these songs are completely drenched in passion. They bring a very experimental feel to this record.

The cool thing about this album is the great diversity in styles you can hear when you are listening to the records. When you listen you can hear traditional hardcore to post-hardcore, you hear fast and chaotic parts, but also these very slow trashy parts, but the most bizarre find I made was the (among others) very rock and roll intro ‘Let Me Sink’.

All with all you can say that Young Turks are not afraid of getting labeled, because it is rather difficult to actually put a label on these guys, because of their diversity in styles and sounds. You can hear that these guys are doing their own thing by mixing up different sounds and have succeeded in their conquest to do something different in this monotone scene. Where I Lie by Young Turks goes from the very roots to the newest branches of hardcore and has become something special.

Where I lie is released through Animal Style Records and can be purchased as color vinyl through the Animal Style webshop. Note that these are limited presses.

Where I Lie – Track list:

1. Intro (Where I Lie)
2. Knife Club
3. Priceline
4. First World
5. Correspondence
6. Interlude
7. Northwest Darkness
8. Chavez and Glisan
9. Revenge
10. Bite Back
11. Three Goggles
12. Let Me Sing (Where I Die)

Young Turks: Facebook / Bandcamp / Web

Check it: The entire album is being streamed here by

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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