Review: Soul Control – Bore Core

Formed in 2006 and signed to Bridge Nine’s roster, Soul Control is a hardcore punk band hailing from Providence, Rhode Island. They last left us with Get Out Now, a notable EP released in 2011, which redefined the limits of their personality and their own sound.

Bore Core is a five-song EP, delivered in approximately 12 minutes of wild and slow tempo moments. It’s another way for Soul Control to showcase everyone’s musical backgrounds blended into one, defining their own sound. In this case, main influences most certainly come from 90’s punk, hardcore, grunge and noise.

Opening track is ‘Appetite’, a rough tune filled with fast drum parts and heavy riffs. ‘Headtrippin’ comes directly forward with a frantic rhythm and an insistent chorus mixed in a ferocious blend of punk. Tracks like ‘Ugly’ and ‘Anxious’ also fit great together while not sounding the same as first two numbers. These songs show some groovy, sludgy and hypnotic elements and give a particular vibe to this EP while reminding the likes of Blacklisted or even Torche’s best moments. Being the first released song of the EP, ‘Reek’ is also the best track on it. It’s just furious, loud and impressive.

Soul Control builds on the sound they developed on their previous releases and improves it with fancy riffs and chunky choruses. At some point, vocals might be eclipsed by instruments but what’s definitely interesting about this EP is the fact that each song could have been a single for another single, as the musical orientation of the pieces sounds quiet different but coherent.

With a satisfying release like Bore Core, the four-piece band demonstrates more experience, musical skills and showcases their love for punk rock and other aggressive styles. While not breaking ground, the Soul Control method stays simple and dynamic and that’s enough for us to keep them in mind. Bore Core is due out July 31 through Bridge 9 Records but you can now catch the band on tour with their reformed labelmates Verse and the ‘almost RIP’ German band Ritual.

Track list – Bore Core

1. Appetite
2. Headtrippin
3. Ugly
4. Anxious
5. Reek

Soul Control: Facebook / Website / Buy Bore Core

Written by Alex Tabankia

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