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We got a pleasant surprise in the mail today all the way from Greece: Think Fanzine. The 63-page booklet is written by Apostolis from World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records, and presents a variation of “cheap poetry, lyrical crap, words and images“, as stated on the cover. Before getting into details, I have to compliment Apostolis for the great lay-out and binding of the fanzine.

Think is divided in four chapters, and doesn’t contain the average fanzine material. No album reviews, no live reviews, and no band features. Chapter one contains nine poems touching subjects such as betrayal and death. In these short stories, only five to ten lines long, Apostolis points out sensitive topics that will set you to think.

No bad feelings, though.
Just frustration.
Frustration and disappointment.
Forget / forgive; words without meaning.
Future. Bitter laugh.
Balancing between hope and fear.
Between will and denial.

Chapter two, ‘Decoding secret messages’, is built up from different columns Apostolis wrote for various other fanzines. Some of the columns tell stories, or illustrate his opinion on a certain subject, but some columns don’t have any topic at all. It’s an interesting blend of articles, because you don’t always know what to expect. However, Apostolis always comes up with a good hook or message in each column that will encourage debate, or at least make you think about the particular topic.

I’m sick of all the robots that surround me every day and work to buy, to consume, to throw away. I’m sick of all the self-destruction; alcohol abuse, drug governed steps and bodies in complete detachedness from the minds.

I find it intriguing to hear other people’s definition of hardcore, or to hear what it means to them. In his column for Pee Fanzine he states:

I just use the term ‘hardcore’ to describe that awesome positive feeling that fills your heart and mind every time you listen to a new record, read some lyrics, write reviews, expose yourself through a review or an interview… every time you meet another guy / girl that is in the same mood as you, listens to the same stuff as you, takes care of the same things you wanna take care of. (…) Hardcore for me is about being unique, not going with the flow, standing up for your beliefs and rights, not being passive but exactly the opposite, be ACTIVE.

It’s great to experience this guy’s positivity through words, even though his surroundings and environment are relatively depressing. Greece’s current economic status is terrible, and more hardcore related: they hardly get bands over. To see someone’s positive attitude towards this scene is motivating, and it makes me want to step up my game with everything I currently do for this scene. The West-European hardcore scene is healthy, but I reckon that it can still grow a lot further on a local basis.

Think Fanzine rounds it up with two more chapters. Chapter three, ‘Words to use when you scream your lungs out’, consists of thoughtful lyrics to ten songs, while chapter four contains a collection of beautiful photos.

Think Fanzine is an inspiring piece of art that I can recommend to you all. Support Apostolis and his work at World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records by buying the zine for only 5 euros through Positive and Focused. You won’t regret it!

World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records: Website / Facebook
Positive and Focused: WebsiteFacebook

Fancy Instagram pictures and words by Tim van Reyswoud

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