Review: Landscapes – Life Gone Wrong

Hailing from Somerset, United Kindom, Landscapes saw the light in 2010. After releasing their EP Reminiscence through Broken Night Records, the band is set to present their debut album Life Gone Wrong. The five-piece delivered nine tracks of melodic hardcore, that were released on City of Gold Records on July 2nd.

Opener ‘Cemetery’, for which a music video was released on May 12th this year, introduces the record with guitar melodies that will remind you of a recently broken up UK act. To be honest, this whole tracks breaths More Than Life. Not that it matters, because I love that band, and I think that Landscapes make a fine replacement.

However, I can’t just call Landscapes copy-cats. There a lot more to this record than similarities with other hardcore bands, and c’mon, which new hardcore band doesn’t copy others? The intense, progressive guitar melodies are standing out on Life Gone Wrong, adding a spheric twist to the mix. They come to show on tracks like ‘No Love’ and ‘Disdain’.

An interesting turn shows up in ‘Providence’, where singer Shaun Milton uses his vocal chords to sing. The albums transits from here onwards. ‘Coming Of Age’ also contains a different type of screaming vocals than you’ve heard in the first five songs. It changes to a spoken word type of singing that switches back to intense screaming after the interlude ‘Forgiveness’.

It seems that Landscapes is trying out different things for different songs, searching for their own sound. No matter what, this records flows naturally and gives a strong impression of this UK band on rise.

Track list – Life Gone Wrong

1. Cemetery
2. No Love
3. D.R.E.A.M
4. Disdain
5. Providence
6. Coming Of Age
7. Forgiveness
8. Epilogy
9. Paradox

Landscapes: Facebook / Tumblr

Written by Tim van Reyswoud

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