Review: Gideon – Milestone

After the release of their mind blowing debut album Costs in 2011, Gideon is now ready to release their follow-up Milestone. The band has upgraded from Strike First Records to Facedown Records, and presents eleven brand new tracks produced by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings.

It is clear that the five-some has grown tremendously, stepping up their game technically on this record. The comparison with The Ghost Inside is still there, however, where The Ghost Inside has broadened up their sound on their new release Get What You Give to reach a bigger crowd, Gideon’s sounds has gotten more aggressive. Grooving rhythm’s are backed up with violent riffs, and heavy sounding vocals.

Balancing fast paced melodies and half-time breaks, Milestone is not so much an easy listening record as Costs. You have to keep you head to the game to get into this record, and to be able to sing along to the tracks. The band has definitely put effort into improving their songwriting, and delivered an impressive arsenal of songs to carry out their message.

Personal favorite is ‘No Acceptance’, preaching a sincere message of perseverance: “We will be the change, they will not stop us, they will not slow us down.” Single ‘Prodigal Son’ comes next, followed by ‘Mask’; both grooving, heavy tracks supported by convincing lyrics.

The release of Milestone should give Gideon plenty of reason to finally come overseas and visit Europe. Order the record via the Facedown Records store, and tell at least one of your friends about this band.

Track list – Milestone:

1. Gutter
2. Bad Blood
3. No Acceptance
4. Overthrow
5. Prodigal Son
6. Mask
7. Still Alive
8. Milestone
9. Maternity
10. Coward
11. Faceless

Written by Tim van Reyswoud

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