Gold Kids Break Up

Gold Kids have announced that this is the end of the road for the band. Though it’s the end of the band, the guys are going part ways for new horizons with their new project: Stone XXV.

The band made the following statement on their Facebook page:

“It’s been in the air for a while and I guess most of you were expecting these words to drop months ago. It’s over, Gold Kids are done.

The reason why we’re breaking up isn’t due to some beef between us. We’re still friends.Personally I wasn’t feeling our old lyrics anymore, so I rather be honest with myself and everyone than pretend I’m still that “desperate soul” I used to be.We all needed to move on to a different direction and leave our past behind, we all grew up artistically/musically wise and needed something new to carry on.

Thanks to all the amazing people in Europe, Uk, Scandinavia, Australia and Asia who basically changed our lives, to everyone who has been part of the band during these years and all our friends who kept it alive while touring, put out our records, booked our tours… Those have been the best days of our lives and we’ll never forget.

We have a new project called STONE XXV so I guess Ill see you somewhen somehow somewhere…


Gold Kids: Facebook / Tumblr

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