Tim’s Going To Asia + Update On Collaboration T-Shirt

Hi guys,

First of all, I’d like to use this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support. It has been great to see our Facebook page heading to one thousand “likes”, seeing our daily views grow steadily and getting all the positive reactions to our collaboration t-shirt with No Turning Back, All For Nothing, War Charge and John Coffey. Thank you, without your support Legends Arising wouldn’t have been where we are today.

This post is to inform you that we might not be as active as we usually are in the month June, as I (Tim) will be traveling through Asia again. Of course, Ruben and me are aiming to post as many news as possible, but I just wanted to give you a heads up in case we’re slacking on some days.

I will be reporting to you guys about my time in Asia, Malaysia for the most. We’ve been in touch with BRNWRCK Bookings (Malaysia), Reconstrux Bookings (Singapore), and Holding True Bookings (Indonesia) to see what shows are booked in June. Unfortunately I’ll be just missing out on Bane, and Lasting Traces will be playing in Kuala Lumpur the day I leave. However,Ā Thick As Blood will be playing a show in KL on June 9th, which we’ll hopefully attend. They are supported by Ruins & Remains (SG), and eight more local bands. I’m aiming to write a live report of this show to give you an insight of the scene in Malaysia.

Regarding our collaboration t-shirt: we just put in the order to print the shirts. We’ll put pre-orders up within now and two weeks, and we hope to ship all orders in the first week of July.


Ruben & Tim

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