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John Coffey Premiere First Music Video and Reveal Album Details

Our good friends and fellow Dutchmen of John Coffey will be hitting us hard with their second album: Bright Companions. The record is due out on September the 14th!

Since 2009 these guys have been working hard and with a little help from their fans through a fundraiser they were able to fly to Sweden in November last year for their recordings. Together with producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused) and Jag Jago (Ex-guitarist of The Ghost Of A Thousand) they were able to put the new release together.

The guys have not only put their record together, they also found a way to get it out into the world by securing a record deal with German Redfield Records.

Check out their very first music video for ‘Romans’ right here:

The release show of Bright Companions is set on 27th of September at Tivoli De Helling in Utrecht.

Before that they will hit these stages:
16.06. NL- Barneveld, Stedsj
25.06. NL- Utrecht, dB’s (w/ The Computers)
30.06. NL- Rossum, RosRock (w/ The Bronx)
30.06. NL- Vlaardingen, Rock’n Ramps
13.07. NL- Hardenberg, Rock Your Stage
29.07. NL- Castricum, Uit je Bak! Festival

John Coffey: Facebook / Web

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