Review: DNA – DNA

Maine’s DNA are like the A-team; they’re a group of guys flying under the rader, with not much public information available, playing for the greater good. With members of Cruel Hand they’ve formed a solid line-up and that’s all you need to know, because they play an amazing mix of trash metal and punk. Get to it!

The first comparison that popped in my mind when listening to this debut 7” was Municipal Waste. Together with crossover legends D.R.I. those thrashers probably had the most influence on DNA. But where those bands are more on the Thrashy side of things, DNA is definitely more punk influenced.

Clocking just under 12 minutes, this record is plain energenic fun. Although it’s not quite the most original or groundbreaking music you will ever hear, DNA accomplished to make a beast of a 8 track debut. Shredding solo’s like the one in ‘Gonna Break’ remind of Kill ‘Em All Metallica era immediatly, while the poverviolence-esque breaks in ‘Answers’ are a breeze of fresh air.

Still, probably the most important thing about this record is the atmosphere it is capable to create. The band sounds like they had really much fun when creating it. I can’t wait to see a ra wand sweaty performance by these guys, and I hop you can’t either after hearing the self-titled.

Track list – DNA

1. Gonna Break
2. Answers
3. Distraction
4. Post-Core
5. Unresolved Conflict
6. The Fiends
7. The Crooks
8. Patterns of Behavior

Words by Niels Koster

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