Review: Expire – Pendulum Swings

Expire’s new album is called Pendulum Swings; it is a traditional and above all an angry, very angry release. The guys did good to stay true to their roots by improving their song structure while still relaying on the very thing that makes this band a success; pure energy.

The record knocks you over right from the start. The album opens with their second single ‘Just Fine’, a killer song. Powerful chaotic riffs combined with the great quality of this record really got my hopes up for this album. I can tell you it lives up to my every expectation.

‘Reputation’ is the first track that wasn’t pre-released. It is a great track because of the fast and angry vocals of Mister Josh Kelting and will do very well during the live shows of the Milwaukee quartet.

Something I love about this album is just seeing the track list and the duration of each and every track. All these fast, short tracks make sure that the album is diverse and keeps its strength. A fun fact: None of the tracks take longer than 2 minutes. This is a hardcore record the way it is supposed to be; it’s there, it does what it is supposed to do and then it is all over. Expire comes, sees and I dare to say it conquers the very heart of the scene.

‘Pendulum Swings’ is the end of the road for this record. A track that goes from fast to slow, with catchy riffs and lyrics. The song is one for the book, it ends by delivering a critical blow, a sing-along to remember!

Pendulum Swings is a crazy, hard record to remember. With it you can say that the band kicked in many doors that lead to the very corners of the world. Expire is here to stay.

The record is out through Bridge Nine Records and can be found in the B9 Webstore. Go check it out!

Track List – Pendulum Swings:

1. Just Fine
2. Reputation
3. Spit Out
4. Dig Deep
5. Anxiety
6. Abyss
7. Bark
8. Sleep Lost
9. Pills
10. YDN
11. Focus
12. Pendulum Swings

Expire: Facebook / Twitter / Bigcartel

Words by Ruben Middelweerd

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