Verse Premiere New Song

Verse have premiered a new song off of their upcoming album Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace, available on July 17th through Bridge Nine Records. Give ‘The Selfless Of The Earth’ a listen right below, via the Soundcloud player.

Vocalist Sean Murphy exclusively stated to

This song is mostly about how we react to the heavy burdens we all face in life; understanding that we have the potential to take the wrong path no matter who we are, also knowing we can take the right path in life for us. 

Every human plays a role in where we are heading, and the mother teaching the lesson believes that there is always a way to approach everyone with understanding. Even if it is futile and and far too utopian.

She wants us to understand that she already lived through all of the highs and lows of life, and that she is hesitant to pass it down to generation after generation. But, at the same time she is forced to hand down her burdens to let us know how to cope with loss and hostility. 

This is just a small part of the story line. There’s a bigger picture to the record for sure. 

With Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace, we want people to take whatever they want from the meaning of our songs. If they can fit into your life, and you can relate to it, that’s wonderful. If you want to twist it into something negative, that’s your choice, but we probably wouldn’t get along.

Thanks for listening.

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