Life To Live Records Release Summer Sampler

Our buddies at Life To Live Records have released a new sampler under the name Rad Summer 2012. The sampler contains 14 hardcore and punk tracks, including new hits from Truth Inside, Losin’ It, Afflictive Nature and No Submission. You can now download it for free through the label’s Bandcamp page, or order one  of the limited edition tapes.

Tracklisting – Rad Summer 2012

1. Afflictive Nature – Beneath The Streets
2. Hunger – Cataracts
3. Life For A Life – Identity
4. Code X Red – Never Again
5. Clockwork – Ad and Subtract
6. Flex – Death Bed
7. Blistered – Undone
8. No Submission – I Still Believe
9. Harness – Decline
10. Losin’ It – No Apology
11. Modern Pain – Let Down
12. Truth Inside – Skate Dawgs
13. Slow Burn – Beware
14. Tiebreaker – Take It Back

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