Review: Fire & Ice – Not Of This Earth

Richmond’s Fire & Ice are redefining the power of grooving hardcore on their latest effort. These guys have released a new album called Not Of This Earth, and we think it is great!

The record brings us that Fire & Ice hardcore sound with a great groove to it, something we know bands such as Dead End Path, Expire and Backtrack so well for. I think it is cool to see all these bands go their own way, and make music that they love instead of sticking to the traditional way of doing things, and making the same records over and over again. The guys from Fire & Ice have followed their instincts and put something great together here.

‘Not Of This Earth’ is the title track of the record and kicks the whole thing into gear right from the start. The track has a slightly progressive (in terms of hardcore music) opening that will make sure to get the kids swinging.

An interesting track on this album is ‘The Devil’s Side’, a song that opens down-tempo and very melodic as well. The song makes its way through the opening, builds up and then dies completely only to take the listener off guard with a smashing, dirty riff that makes every muscle in your body contract. The song gives off an extreme feeling of energy.

But there is one track called ‘About Face’ that has to be my favorite track of this great album. It has a fast and hard opening, catchy lyrics and one of those creepy “in the background kind of guitar solos” that makes the little hairs in your neck stand up. After the solo the song goes into half-time, a two-step; a great end to a great song.

Having listened through this album a couple of times you see the path the guys of Fire & Ice have chosen to go with their music. They have combined fast and dirty with slow and groovy songs, and they have done it successfully. This record is truly ‘Not Of This Earth’.

Fire & Ice: Facebook // Bigcartel

Check out the album below:

The album is out through Reaper Records and can be ordered from the Reaper Records DIY webstore.

Words by Ruben Middelweerd

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