The Groezrock 2012 Live Report

Hi all,

We’re back behind our computers after a very exciting weekend filled with good performances, finally meeting up with people we’ve been in touch with for ages, and spreading our first ever promotional material.

While we’re working on the interview with Verse – the one with Terror unfortunately didn’t happen, we’d like to reflect on Groezrock 2012 in the meantime.


The Menzingers

Opening the main stage on Saturday, The Menzingers gave a good, fun and energetic punk rock show. The band’s sound can be described as a mix of Bad Religion and The Gaslight Anthem – a delicate blend of old and new school punk rock. This guy for sure had a blast:

Midnight Souls

Emotion and devotion, these Belgian dudes are hardworking and full of passion for their music. Their performance on the Macbeth stage was convincing to say the least. They played hard and fast, but took the time for their performance to evolve and build up to a point where the singer, Donny just jumped off stage to run into the people of the audience, leaving his mic behind and pulled everyone together in a blind rage of emotion while screaming his final words.

Set Your Goals

The guys in Set Your Goals are sincere party people. Their performance at the Etnies stage brought forth a constant wave of people jumping off stage, partying along. Make sure to check these guys on tour with Every Time I Die and Cancer Bats this month.

The Ghost Inside

With the outstanding performance, and reactions of the crowd at the Etnies stage last year still marked in the back of our heads, The Ghost Inside were facing a great challenge to meet these expectations. With the disadvantage of the height and size of the stage, the barriers and security, this show was a lot less intense than the one last year. The band played a great show, but it’s unfortunate that they didn’t, or couldn’t get the reaction of the crowd which they deserve – this band needs stage dives, pilings and sing-a-longs.

Parkway Drive

Aussies in Parkway Drive never disappoint. Their conviction, humor and energy on stage is like no other band, and they remain the kings of the Impericon stage – they’re the only band who pull of a circle pit around both poles of the tent. With a new DVD and album coming up it will be hard to get the smile off of those guys’ faces.


Groezrock 2012 was the band’s first reunion show in Europe, and they received a warm welcome. Even though singer Sean Murphy seemed the only one that was really going for it, webzine SWNK also stated that they “missed the anger and energy the band had on stage before their break-up.” It was the first time for us seeing the band, and we loved it. Can’t wait to see this band back in action on their reunion tour with Soul Control and Ritual, happening in July and August this year.


Rancid entertained the crowd for almost one and a half hours, headlining the main stage on Saturday. A formula that consisted out of beer + friends + loud sing-a-longs made this show a true success.


John Coffey

Familiar faces, friends, but also complete strangers were going wild in front of the Macbeth stage; that’s what the music from John Coffey does to people. The guys from Utrecht, The Netherlands play a wild and danceable combination of rock ‘n roll and hardcore that’s just packed with loads and loads of energy. The moment these guys hit their strings to set off the show we had singer, David jumping off of the stage coming right at us, testing the range of his microphone line. John Coffey are an incredible new band; will we see them on the Etnies Stage next year?

Such Gold

The Groezrock crowd went absolutely crazy for Such Gold, from completely random “olé, olé!” football supporter-like singing to knowing every word of every song and a whole lot of stagediving. The band played through all the favorites and you can definitely say band and audience, everyone was having the time of their lives.

The Wonder Years

The guys of The Wonder Years turned the audience of the Etnies stage into a giant, wavy sea of pop-punk crazy people. Every song to which everyone seemed to know every word became a complete fest!

Your Demise

Missed out on Your Demise, but this video gives us an impression of a rather energetic performance.


Hardcore heroes in Terror gave an interesting performance on the Impericon stage this year. Besides playing a very energetic set, filled with good mixture of songs, and guest vocals by two members of the Terror crew, frontman Scott Vogel gave an aggressive speech against bands who are in it for the money – accusing main stage headliner Refused of being nothing but “a fake shell of what they once were.” About 15 minutes before the end of their set, the band dedicated the remaining time to their fellow tour buddies in Take Offense – who were able to play three more songs. Terror for sure knows how to keep a show exciting.

Gorilla Biscuits

For most of the people who were waiting at the Etnies tent to welcome Gorilla Biscuits on stage, it was probably the main reason to come to Groezrock this year. The old-timers gave an outstanding show, and the crowd went bezerk.


After seeing the footage of Refused playing their first, secret reunion show in Sweden, and the band rocking the stage at Coachella I think everyone was excited to see Refused back in action. The band handled the main stage of Groezrock very well, as headliner of the festival. Although not everyone is pleased with the reformation of the band, Refused still knows how to get the crowd going.

See you all next year?!

Words by Ruben Middelweerd and Tim van Reyswoud

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