Book Review: Balance: European Hardcore

The DIY ethics upon which the hardcore and punk scene was built in the late 1970’s, are still very alive prove Tom Barry and Sophia Schorr-Kon in Balance: European Hardcore. The book focuses on the current European hardcore scene, documenting the lives of musicians and promoters who are living a lifestyle that balance their day jobs with their involvement in this scene. Balance portraits the passion and dedication of these hardworking men spread across Europe from a unique perspective; that is the shared, unlimited amount of enthusiasm they have for this scene.

Tom Barry, drummer of London hardcore formation Kartel, teamed up with photographer Sophia Schorr-Kon, to capture the sheer intensity of hardcore shows, the harsh reality of paying bills, and the brotherhood that keeps this scene alive. With the intention to document the dedication of the new generation who keeps this tradition going, Barry thoroughly describes the lives of these individuals who found balance between the world of hardcore and work.

Balance is a must have for any hardcore kid who values this scene’s DIY approach of living. The book is published by Mark Batty Publisher, and is available through Amazon.

Words by Tim van Reyswoud
Photos by Dasha Veselovskaya

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