Review: War Charge – Self-titled EP

War Charge is set to release their self-titled 7″ through Demons Run Amok Records (Germany) and Spook Records (Poland) on April 7th. The Edinburgh based 5-piece will be touring throughout Europe in April to promote their debut record.

The 7″ presents a mixture of new and old school hardcore. Guitar hooks – inspired by the likes of Down To Nothing and No Turning Back – are backed up by throbbing drums, together providing a rhythmic and dynamic sound. Front man Robbie King‘s strong vocal skills remind me of Martijn van den Heuvel‘s (No Turning Back) vocals with some added Cruel Hand eccentrics. Sing-a-longs as featured in ‘Begging For Mercy’ make me long for their live performance.

The self-titled debut deals with issues most of us cope with: chance, doubt, superficiality, forgiveness and the search for truth. War Charge cuts to the point and makes it easy for listeners to empathize with their lyrics.

War Charge has a bright future ahead and plans on touring the UK after Europe, and maybe even release a few splits. Make sure to catch them on tour, and pre-order their 7″ here.

Thousands of years, thousands of lies, my life depends on the roll of a dice.”

Track list – Self-titled EP
1. Intro
2. Reality Check
3. Thin Ice
4. Forgive and Forget
5. Out of Reach
6. Cold

Words by Tim van Reyswoud

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