Introducing: Napoleon

Exeter (UK) hardcore formation Napoleon are ready to take over the UK hardcore scene, if we may believe so. The boys, aged between 17 and 22, have just released a video for ‘Liars and Sellers,’ which spread like wild fire and reached 13K+ views in only 5 days. The video shows nothing we haven’t seen yet, but profiles the bands “melodic groove hardcore” well, and is certainly entertaining. Drummer James Mendoza plays his technical drum fills effortless, and strikes an old-school jazz pose with an innocent smile on his face – you’ve got to love him. With the EP coming up in April, guitarist Samuel Osborn and vocalist Josh Baker were so kind to answer some questions.

Sell your forthcoming EP in one line to our readers. 

The forthcoming EP What We See?! is hopefully something very different to the current genre climate and should warm your cockles similar to that of a lovely cup of hot coco. It is very progressive and experimental, with catchy riffs and catchy hooks, which test the bands musical abilities.

Can you tell us how and why you formed a band less then a year ago, and what all happened between then and today?

When we first started the band, we never expected it to sound the way it does now. Since the beginning we have toyed with various members and have now finally ended up with our solid line up which we are very happy with. The band was initially started as a bit of a ‘cliche’ (hobby). However, with increasing show offers and interest from other music executives we have started to push it a lot harder. We are very excited for whatever the future may bring.

You’re releasing an EP in April. Can you already give us some more information?

As previously mentioned the EP shall be called What We See?!. It is a four track EP/demo that will also feature guest vocals from Johnny OC (Liferuiner, Canada). The EP will be released around April time as a free digital download for all to hear. All the tracks are very diverse and different from each other.

You’re glady making use of the KONY 2012 hype. What do you think of this marketing campaign?

This is a pretty tricky one to handle. People have different views on this subject!?! We have all been aware of the Kony existence for quite some time now, so we were fully aware of what was going on. However, when the campaign came about and we saw how many people wanted to get involved, it seemed like a logical thing for us to get involved! We knew that people would see our t-shirts with Kony on which further promoted the campaign as well as the band (unfortunately it only takes third world problems to make everyone pull together). Though with this USP we knew that we would be able to sell t-shirts if people knew fully that the money was going directly to the source of the campaign (Invisible Children)! Who, if it wasn’t for them bringing it to every bodies attention, no body would have been aware what so ever. As Invisible Children were the cause of all of the hype surrounding Kony we will be souly donating to that cause. We believe in many charities however this one was current and seemed the obvious choice. Some people have an opinion on this charity and seem to want to view it, but we don’t see any of them making viral videos for a cause that they care about at the end of the day. At least we were only trying to help something that we deemed important! It’s the thought that counts.

What are the future goals for Napoleon?

Tour as many countries the world has to offer and hopefully start preparations for our album.

Check out Napoleon’s video for ‘Liars and Sellers’ right below.

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