Review: The Long Haul – Debtors EP

UK south coast formation The Long Haul have released their debut solo EP Debtors on Tangled Talk Records. This is the bands second effort, after previous releasing a split EP with label-mates Kerouac. Debtors proves that the band is certainly ready for the next step, and will be at the front lines of UK hardcore in 2012.

Debtors is initiated by a very sophisticated instrumental track with blues and bluegrass influences. ‘Lenders’ sets the tone, as you’ll hear the influence of these genres throughout the record. The Long Haul blends authentic bluegrass guitar riffs with low bass tunes provided by Adam Guest and raw screams by singer Harry Fanshawe.

The EP is recorded and mixed in the band’s hometown Southampton by guitarist Lewis Johns and mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan) in New York. The teamwork between the two has as a result the perfect capture of the band’s raw, and renewing sound.

Debtors tells a personal story, executed by Fanshawe – who sings about religion, relationships and society. ‘Holes in the Ground, Bliss in the Skies’ gives you an insight of the negative effect religion had on Fanshawe’s life, and carefully describes his feelings towards that topic. Title track ‘Debtors’ brings back that issue, after talking about personal relationships in ‘Puppets and Wires’ and ‘Blank Canvas.’ Personal is the key word for the EP it seems. Fanshawe’s words, supported by the bands authentic sound, makes Debtors a personal effort, more than another heavy record for the sake of sounding heavy.

All together Debtors is a very strong debut release for the Southampton four-piece. They’ll be touring alongside Veils in April, so make sure to check them out. You can now order Debtors via the Tangled Talk webstore.

Track list – Debtors EP:

1. Lenders
2. Holes in the Ground, Bliss in the Skies
3. Puppets and Wires
4. Blank Canvas
5. Debtors
6. Anhedonia (bonus live track)

Written by Tim van Reyswoud

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