Q&A: Creations

With tons of things going regarding the new record and upcoming tours, we asked the guys in Creations give us an update on the current situation. Read the outcome below.

We’ve featured Creations on Legends Arising before, but can you shortly introduce yourself and your band?

Hey guys/girls, I am Jonny Blackwell and I play bass for the band Creations.

You’ve just finished the recording of your new record “Unworthy.” Who have you worked with and what is it gonna sound like in comparison to “The Gospel?”

Yes, we just finished tracking the new record in Sydney, Australia, we decided to go with the title Unworthy. It’s in post-production stages right now, we are still working on vocal tracks and then sending it to be mixed/mastered. We worked with the same producer as our last record The Gospel, a close friend of the band. Also our guitarist at the time, James, helped producing both records.

I think The Gospel was less hardcore influenced and more darker, metal and faster. New record is influenced by bands like Meshuggah, Gojira, Behemoth, Impending Doom style vibes. But the record still holds a unique Creations hardcore feel as well. Hope you guys dig the sound we went for; a new song should be up in the next couple of months.

Is there also a change of focus theme wise?

I would say the new record is less in your face lyrically but musically I think it’s a more mature sound for the road we want to take as a band. There’s a few changes on this record which we are unable to say anything about yet but I think fans will enjoy it as much as the last two records and hopefully gain some more. The new record is called Unworthy; it’s all about how we are unworthy and deserve nothing, but were given everything by Christ.

How was “The Gospel” received – both by press and fans? Did it meet your expectations?

We were surprised how well it went in the first two week period. A lot of solid feedback because we had been holding onto the record for months before we were able to release it. Different again from our EP Ruined, but we gained some more likings while we toured across the world you know. Press seemed to like it, but there’s always a few magazine or online zines who like to pick it apart. But we understand that’s there job and there good at doing it. Taking criticism sometimes only makes your band stronger.

Creations is a Christian hardcore band – do you feel that this scene is accepting of your message? 

Yes, we are a christian band. From touring NZ & USA, the crowds/bands are a lot more accepting of our online message, but recently we decided as a band to cut back from speaking on stage but more playing music as christian dudes. We just toured Australia and that new way of doing things worked really well and we noticed a change of people coming out to the shows.

As for a lot of other people in the hardcore scene, this music means a lot more to you than just the entertainment factor of it. Can you describe the value of hardcore to you, and how you translate this into writing songs?  

Yeah sure. Basically we loved hardcore music growing up with bands like Seventh Star, Hatebreed and so on that we originally wanted to create a heavy hardcore feel. But then, with new members joining our band, we started growing towards a metal sound more. But then again we always wanted to have that Acacia StrainDead Walk feel vs Impending DoomSerpent Servant vibe. I personally love hardcore music; there’s so much passion in hardcore and going to shows or playing shows. The vibe you get when people are coming out to shows, singing along to the words louder than the band. There’s nothing like it.

Besides you’re home country Australia, you’ve been focusing on The States a lot. How has that been going? How are the reactions compared to Australia?

America has been insane for us, we love touring there. We had a good run in 2011 and 2012 is looking good. Lots of kids have been coming out to shows in cities and towns. Shows in Australia seem to be bigger, because there’s less going on over here and too much going on in America.

At one point the whole band moved to The States – did you run into any visa problems?

Not the first time. At the moment we’re working on a new visa, which can be really stressful to say the least, haha.

You’ve just finished up a headline tour in Australia. What was it like to play for friends again?

Australia was dope. We pretty much played in all our old spots, The NSW shows were great, Melbourne was good as well, SA/Adelaide was insane and QLD always kills it. Overall the tour was long, but it was a good run. Playing with friends is always good, catching up and kicking back with your old pals.

What lies in the future of Creations?

In 2012 the new record will be dropping, some new member announcements, tour, tour, tour?! Ha!

Any chance we’ll be seeing you guys in Europe soon?  

Hopefully guys, we are trying to plan something this year or early next year.


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