Review: Veils – Clarity EP

It’s clear that Veils (UK) have put a lot of thought and effort into their new EP titled Clarity. When comparing this record to their previous release called Enlightenment Is Dead, Clarity is a good improvement and exceeded our expectations.

Every song on this five-track record is well thought-out and the titles already describe the feeling of the song surprisingly well. Even the order of the tracks along with the artwork on the cover express a story which takes you deeper in the music and makes you listen the record in its whole a several times in a row.

Veils’ sound can be best described as melodic hardcore and sounds somewhat like La Dispute and Touché Amoré. Although Chlo Edwards’ high-pitched voice has the tendency to sound clean in the end of her screams, a lot of male hardcore vocalists should be jealous of her raw, powerful and impressive sound. Clarity is released by Tangled Talk Records, which is a big step forward for Veils. If they manage to continue growing in this pace, and stick to their pleasantly fresh and energetic sound, Veils will have a great future.

Track list – Clarity EP:

1. Standing Alone (Isolation)
2. Caves (Anxiety)
3. Stallions (Adrenaline)
4. Stronghold (Isolation)
5. Surrender (Clarity)

Written by Niels van Mol

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