Review: Disengage – Expressions

Disengage consists mainly out of Title Fight members, yet they deliver a totally different sound. The cover of their newest record Expressions already gives a taste of their sound: old school. And not old school in the instagram kind of way, but real 90’s hardcore.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the feeling that they brought any new elements to this old hardcore sound, even though the band also has the input of Cold World members. This record consists out of 12 short and fast songs; it is literary a 13 minute blast from begin to end. As usual in this genre, the lyrics are familiarly themed. Although these themes may seem as a repetition, they are honest and straightforward. A good example of this is ‘Reason:’

Come to our shows
Stand at the side
You’re there for a reason
So why do you act like you have something to hide
You hear the music
And feel it inside
Express yourself
Lose your mind
Don’t be afraid to express yourself,
you don’t need to be like everyone else.

This record should be easy listenable for every hardcore fan due to its catchy guitars and short length. In short: with this record, Disengage brings a short and honest hardcore LP that should be enjoyable for both hardcore fans and Title Fight listeners looking for something rougher.

Track list – Expressions:

1. Expressions
2. The Same
3. Rearrange
4. Forget It
5. What This Means
6. Reason
7. Think For Yourself
8. Out Of Place
9. Look Back
10. Stand Alone
11. Complacent
12. Try

Written by Kuba Brys

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