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Album of the Month: Midnight Souls – Going Through The Motions

From Belgium comes Midnight Souls who have just released a new album called Going Through The Motions, the follow up for their Colder 7”. With the new album comes a new chapter in the lives of these guys, the point for them to look back on days past.

Midnight Souls are not your average hardcore influenced band; they are progressive in a way that feels natural. Donny, Bert, Stef, Philippe and Giel are the kind of artists, the kind of musicians who go all out from beginning to end; this is something that becomes clear right at the start of this album. The first track: ‘Tainted’, is a song of energy through impressive drums and a song of feeling and connection though words that reach out to the people of the hardcore scene, the outcasts of society.

Imperfection, life and where you are heading with it, death, love and the countless memories in your head, the troubles and ills of today’s youth and even the church, all topics, all stories are told through this release. Messages from the heart as if you can almost feel the pain, sadness and anger that hides in the words that make up songs like ‘Callow Youth’ and ‘Vulvar Virtues’. Songs that grab you, hold you and get to you, which make the hairs in your neck stand up straight.

Dragging chords, punching bass play and incredible drums that go from silent flowing high hat parts to support the quiet atmosphere, to crazy and up-tempo drum fills are the elements that guide the words of Midnight Souls’ Going Through The Motions. The music creates a vibe that might not be for everyone. Parts can be long and weary and very minimalistic, other parts can be chaotic and may even make you feel uncomfortable, but that is the power of this band. They have the power to set the mood and drag you down any storyline. Besides that, these musical parts are impressive to say the least. Such crazy amounts of effort have been put into these songs, but in a very modest way. Only a truly open-minded fan might be able to fully enjoy this music and understand what these guys tried to put together here.

Absolute favorites from this release are ‘Heavenspent’ for its surprising and daring choice in lyrics and incredible feel, and ‘Malaise;’ a great end to a great album.

Going Though The Motions comes on CD in a 24-page booklet, on three different colors vinyl (black, oxblood red, and oxblood red – black splatter), and a deluxe package, containing all three colors vinyl, the CD booklet, a poster and pin. Order Going Though The Motions via the Reflections Records webstore.

Track list – Going Through The Motions:

1. Tainted
2. East West
3. Always Simple Never Easy
4. Heavenspent
5. Callow Youth
6. Counterfeiters Union
7. Model Behaviour 101
8. Vulvar Virtues
9. Malaise

Check out their Facebook // Bandcamp // Tumblr-Website

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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