Truth Inside Preparing European Tour with Currahee and No Solution

Our friends in Truth Inside are preparing a European run of dates with Currahee and No Solution. They still need some help to confirm the last dates. Check it out below and get in touch with Alexis ( if you can help out! They only need money for gas and for the van rental, a place to sleep for 8 people and some vegan food. As you can see the poster is not fully updated, and also venues are still missing. Help out!


24/03/2012 – TBC, The Netherlands – help us! book us !
25/03/2012 – BERLIN, Germany
26/03/2012 – KRAKOW, Poland
27/03/2012 – PRAGUE, Czech Republic
28/03/2012 – BUDAPEST, Hungary
29/03/2012 – MILAN, Italy
30/03/2012 – TOULOUSE, France
31/03/2012 PARIS, France –


30/03/2012 NANTES, France – TBC (No Solution! only)
31/03/2012 PARIS, France – Café de Paris (Currahee only)
01/04/2012 Germany/Belgium/Luxembourg / help us! book us !
02/04/2012 Germany/Belgium/Luxembourg / help us! book us !
03/04/2012 AALST, Belgium (No Solution! only)
04/04/2012 NAMUR, Belgium (No Solution! only)
05/04/2012 LILLE, France (No Solution! only)
06/04/2012 BREST, France (No Solution! only)

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