Antagonist A.D. Signs To Mediaskare Records

Mediaskare Records is proud to announce that is has signed Auckland, New Zealand’s Antagonist A.D. and will release their new album Nothing From No One this summer. Formed in 2006, the band has been steadily building up their reputation in the international hardcore community touring countries like Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and more alongside bands such as Have Heart, Parkway Drive, and Earth Crisis.

Mediaskare is a great label with a great reputation,” said vocalist Sam Crocker. “We know their bands are hard working ‘real’ bands that actually tour and make music. Less gimmicks & more heart – which is what we are all about. The music is paramount – first & foremost before any hype/spin/fashion/faux industry bullshit.

The band recently entered the studio to begin recording Nothing From No One and will be documenting their progress via a series of video updates on Mediaskare’s YouTube channel. A teaser of the upcoming series can be found here:

The new album steps in a more personal direction than our previous releases,” added Sam. “There are still the usual themes you can expect from Antagonist A.D. with songs about animal rights, consumerism & apathy, but where it differs is dealing with anxiety, depression – feelings of alienation. I think for me, being from a tiny town on a small isolated island at bottom of the world I really started to feel that isolation – the lyrics have been a lot more therapeutic than anything I have written before.

To give new ears a taste of their music, Mediaskare and the band have teamed up to give away their 7” EP Old Bones Make New Blooms for free, you can download the EP here

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