Review: With Daggers – Widower

With Daggers is a 5 piece hardcore band hailing from Rochester, NY. Widower, the bands debut EP is bound to catch the ears of most. Written & recorded in the summer of 2011 and released physically and digitally on We Are Triumphant Records in December of last year, Widower is also in the process of being put on iTunes.

A band I recently discovered when browsing through recent releases, as they strongly stood out from other bands. With music and lyrics full of power and agression, Widower can conform to the tastes of many. Having a sound similar to Counterparts among other melodic hardcore bands, they add their own touches to make this a unique sounding release.

When I first heard a few of With Daggers’ songs, I thought I had been getting a bit lazy, how could I have missed such a thing? With a familiar sounding name and a sound too professional to be a new band.. as it turned out I hadn’t missed as much as I would have thoughr.  Surprisingly Widower is the debut effort from these guys. With a name somewhat standard to all of hardcore these days, it’s easy to look past such a band. With Daggers have already proved themselves to be more than just some local hardcore band playing house shows every weekend. The band is working with Greg Long at We Are Triumphant who seems to have quite the keen ear for high caliber mostly unknown metal and hardcore acts (Sworn In, A Call to Sincerity, I Am Intention), and their good taste has proved itself once more with these guys.

While Widower is a good album, and stands just fine by itself, I feel as though this release goes deeper than that. I wouldn’t go as far to say this is my favorite band and/or release, but Widower sounds much more seasoned than most mediocre first efforts. With such a strong debut release, I’m willing to say this is a band we can expect more great music from. As With Daggers supports this album, continues to play shows, write new music, and learn more as they mature in their musical endeavor, it excites me to see what is to come from not only this band, but the future of the genre. Until then, give this release a chance which can be downloaded from their label’s Bandcamp website with a “name your price” option.

– Written by Shane Moody

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