Review: Troubled Coast – I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You

Before you start reading this review, fantasize about that very first band you saw live, that you wanted to rave about to all of your friends. Get back to that moment when you bought your first CD at the merch table where you stood eye-to-eye with that one band you just fell in love with. Daydream.

There are days that you accidentally run into a new band and that you instantaneously fall in love with them. Troubled Coast are my latest discovery, and their latest effort I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You blows my mind. It seemed like everyone around me had already heard about them, but only their last EP caught my attention. Although the band’s previous works Letters (2011), Vagabonds EP (2010) and 100 Miles From Home (2010) were good, they didn’t stand out. The band stepped away from their shadow and truly improved their efforts on I’ve Been Thinking….

You probably link the band’s sound quickly to Touche Amore or La Dispute. The emotional vocals from singer Mike “Mile” Scornaienchi and his poetic way of writing, combined with clean guitars and rousing rhythms are in a way equivalent to their sound. The San Francisco Bay area sextet also reminds me of predecessors As Cities Burn and MeWithoutYou, but put themselves on the map by mixing those creative dynamics with Saosin-filled choruses.

I totally agree with SWNK that Troubled Coast adds an aspect to their music, which makes them capable of playing big stages in a matter of time. We have to guess what secret ingredient gives them that potential, but I put my money on the well-composed choruses that have been stuck in my head for three days now.

I’ve Been thinking… is limited to 1000 copies on 7″ vinyl and is available in three different colors. Get yours in the Pure Noise Records store.

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