Report Igloo Adventure

Hi everyone!

After a nice, cold night in the igloo we wanted to write you a short message to let you know how it all went. We didn’t have wi-fi in the igloo as expected so you’ll find some nice pictures of our adventure in this article. As John Coffey vocalist David and me gathered at the igloo around 10:30 pm on Saturday and got ready for the night, friends came by to surprise us and hang out with us. Being in an igloo without internet or any other entertainment factors – besides a few beers – led to a lot of good talks and laughter. Spending the night there was cold, as you can expect, but definitely worth it. Although we have sore throats and colds, we have raised 127 Euros for The Water Cause by Hope Into Humanity, and people can still donate until Friday. This means we are already able to help 8 human beings by providing them with clean drinking water for a lifetime! Together we are changing lives!

Thanks go out to our good friend Jan Wolfsen who built the igloo, and to Heart Studio for designing the awesome poster. I also want to thank Salt Magazine for sharing our event through their social network, and The Village Coffee & Music for supporting us. Make sure to get some delicious coffee there this week, and to donate your change in the little donation box on their counter until Friday! Last, but definitely not least, I want to thank YOU for believing in this cause and donating.

If you still want to donate, you can till Friday:

– Transfer your donation to Tim van Reyswoud, account number 578335379 (NL) / NL55ABNA0578335379 (all other countries)

– Or via Paypal:

Photos by © Jonathan Meijer

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