Hi everyone,

As we already stated on Facebook last weekend, we had the idea to throw an “event” to support the first cause that Hope Into Humanity started – the organization started by Hundredth singer Chadwick Johnson. The Water Cause attempts to raise 20.000 dollars in 90 days to provide 1.000 people with clean drinking water for a lifetime.

With a small effort from our side and a small contribution from your side, we can make a huge change. 20 dollars/15 euros will provide one human being for the rest of their life with drinking water. By spending the night in an igloo on Saturday (it will be -10 degrees celsius), we strive to raise as much  money as possible to support The Water Cause.

All we ask from you is a small donation (one or two euros/dollars is enough!). Our editor-in-chief Tim van Reyswoud and John Coffey vocalist David achter de Molen will spend the night in the igloo from Saturday till Sunday and report to you by photo and video material.

Donating is easy:

– You can transfer your donation to Tim van Reyswoud, accountnumber 578335379 (NL) / NL55ABNA0578335379 (all other countries)

– Or donate via Paypal:

Thanks go out  to our good friend Jan Wolfsen who built the igloo, and to Heart Studio for designing the awesome poster.

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